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Jiangsu Province library system passed the acceptance

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November 3, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing University of Surveying and Mapping Bureau invited, Southeast University, Wuhan University, Hohai University, and other units of the experts on "the basis of Jiangsu Province, the framework of geospatial information - library system in Jiangsu Province" project acceptance. Acceptance of group project work to listen to reports, technical reports, see system demonstrations, review of relevant information and to question the results and discussion that: The system provides users with automated, standards-based single graph libraries and storage management capabilities built on the basis of Mapping DLG results according to data format, scale and other classification management, automated data distribution provides the basis for support; system uses a metadata-driven multi-version data management system, the realization of historical data and current situation of data classification management, improve the map database management system and more efficient distribution of data; system fully functional, simple, clear interface, practical, and has a high level of scientific research and practical value. Acceptance Group agreed to the project through acceptance. "Library system in Jiangsu Province" by Jiangsu Provincial Geomatics Center of China is responsible for construction, after 10 months of hard work, successful completion of the project all the work. The completion of the project will achieve the basic geographic information data query, distribution, integration of statistical and other business management, surveying and mapping data archives to meet the needs of data distribution services, improve the scientific management of surveying and mapping data files, data, and information technology distribution services.
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