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Baidu Post Bar Home revised version of "Photo Gallery" on the line

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Baidu lovers (Baiduer.com.cn) news, Baidu Post Bar on November 11 carried out a revision, revision of this page to show there love to see more exciting content to display more unique style of Post Bar . To this end, added the new home of the "Post Bar Gallery," "Picture thermal paste," "Bar League event zone" section, while "it Periodicals Reading Room" and the original part has been transformed. In style, the new highlight stick it home as simple and neat features, so you navigate more smoothly. Applications on the home page, have any questions, please see the "I want it on the page," top application specification. Baidu Post Bar jokes in the bulletin, said: "What on the page, most wonderful it! Finally, thank you for your continued love and support! Wish you all a Happy Singles Day!" In addition, the new gallery is also posted it in the same sky line. To make it stick even more dazzling effect plug-gallery, picture gallery made a major adjustment. Expanded version of Figure regional library, modify the image page mode (in the current picture flip directly to support the left and right buttons page.) Figure provides a new full-screen mode, you can show pictures full screen, so that Figure into a pleasure. Bulk upload feature provides a picture, a key upload, easy to transfer map. In addition, we have long called for features such as picture comments, album ordering, and we will also be launched.
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